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DUOLINE® Technologies Updates Mobile App
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Duoline App

Duoline App
DUOLINE® Technologies Updates Mobile App For Easy Access To All Product and Technical Information Duoline® Technologies — the global leader in fiberglass internal lining systems — announces the availability of an updated Duoline® Technologies mobile app. The app is available free of charge, compatible with Androids, iPhones and iPads, and can be easily found on any app search engine or store by searching for "Duoline." New features of the App include:
  • Existing users can simply update or re-synch the current downloaded app.
  • Users can just select specific information they wish to download.
  • Downloaded information may be accessed online or offline.
  • Easy To Use Short Cuts for Managing Files
PLEASE USE THE ICON KEY BELOW DURING YOUR VISIT TO MANAGE YOUR DUOLINE TECHNOLOGIES FILES SEAMLESSLY Once the app is installed, viewers will have 24/7 access to useful product resources, including:
  • Duoline® product information in PDF format
  • Technical details
  • Running and handling guides
  • Videos on product features, product capabilities, manufacturing process and installations
  • Contact information

New information and updated material will be continuously added to the mobile app by Duoline® Technologies so that users will have access to the most current data available.

Duoline 20® and Duoline 350®, manufactured by DUOLINE® Technologies, are filament-wound, fiberglass-reinforced epoxy liners that reliably beat corrosion. Since 1964, more than 100 million feet of Duoline® liners have been successfully installed worldwide as a more robust alternative to plastic coatings, and as a high-performance, high-value, cost-effective alternative to Corrosion Resistant Alloys.

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