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Company Profile

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Duoline Technologies found its beginnings in the oilfield industry designing, installing and operating produced saltwater gathering & disposal systems since 1953. Through these endeavors, Duoline Technologies developed the DUOLINE lining process in 1964 as a means to solve our own downhole steel tubular corrosion problems. Since that time we have installed more than 100 million feet of DUOLINE tubing worldwide. DUOLINE's unmatched performance has made it the most successful system for prevention of downhole tubular corrosion.

Headquartered in Gilmer, Texas, Duoline Technologies has combined forces with international partners who each will provide DUOLINE products and services for their respective territories. MaxTube, with DUOLINE® lining facilities in Brunei, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E Rice Engineering & Operations LTD. operates a Duoline® lining facility in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Duoline Technologies in  Gilmer, Texas

Duoline Technologies in Gilmer, Texas

Duoline Manufacturing Facility

Duoline Manufacturing Facility