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Duoline Technical Support and Technical Sales

Worldwide Technical Support

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Duoline Technologies quality technical support staff rounds out the oilfield corrosion solutions team. From Technical Sales Representatives to qualified Field Service Technicians, Product Testing, Written Design, Installation & Handling Procedures as well as rigid Quality Assurance Programs, Duoline Technologies has the technical knowledge and experience for insuring proper installation.

Whether your operations are in the North Sea, West Texas, North Slope, South America, Middle East, Asia, or Australia, Duoline Technologies and our affiliates have an expert Sales Staff eager to help solve your corrosion problems. The collective experience of this sales force reflects diversity which enables solutions to challenging corrosion problems.

Duoline Technologies Technical Support
Phone: 903.734.1371 (office)
Fax: 903.734.1571
250 W Bluebird Road, Gilmer, Texas 75645-7234

Duoline Case Histories Library

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Duoline Best Practices

Review Installation and Product Handling and Specification

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Download "Duoline's Best Practices" PDF using the link to the right. This document is published exclusively for the ultimate endusers of the Duoline Technologies DUOLINE® product line of Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) lined tubular goods and is intended to provide an extended resource of design and operational considerations as well as, running, handling, and repair procedures. To insure that DUOLINE tubular goods are utilized to their full potential, it is important that the guidelines are followed carefully.

Further, it is Duoline Technologies recommendation that the investment made in tubular goods and protective lining systems can best be preserved by insisting that a Duoline authorized Service Technician be present any time DUOLINE tubing is to be run or repaired to insure the guidelines are followed. Customers of Duoline Technologies typically realize trouble-free service with a DUOLINE installation when these guidelines are implemented.