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Proper Handling of Duoline Liner System

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Duoline Technologies recommends the presence of a Duoline Service Technician whenever DUOLINE® internally lined tubing is to be run, pulled or repaired on location. The Duoline Technician will advise proper handling procedures and insure proper installation and compression of the Duoline corrosion barrier rings (CBR's). Proper makeup and CBR compression will significantly enhance the useful life of the lined tubing string. Duoline Technologies does not recommend makeup torque; however, Duoline advises that sufficient torque (recommended by mfr.) must be applied or the system may fail because the CBR does not provide pressure integrity to the coupling system. Duoline Technologies would advise an operator to use the normal torque specifications or refer to API torque tables when running DUOLINE® lined API EUE 8round tubing. These procedures are for API EUE 8round type connections, and will vary slightly for premium connections.