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RiceWrap by Duoline


RiceWrap Slip Sheet [PDF] View

RICEWRAP® is a protective wrap of fiberglass epoxy externally applied and bonded to steel pipe.

  • External corrosion protection on down hole tubing.
  • Used between injection mandrels and/or packers in multi-zone completions.

  • Material: Filament wound fiberglass-epoxy.
  • Thickness: Nominal thickness 0.100"
  • Working Temperature: -29° C (-20° F) to 121° C (250° F).
  • Sizes: 2-3/8" through 7.0" OD.
  • Consult Duoline Technologies for custom applications. INSTALLATION:
  • An external corrosion barrier ring is used to protect the threads of the connection.
  • External corrosion barrier ring is compressed during field makeup.
  • The corrosion barrier ring provides for hassle-free break-out and reassembly in the field.
  • Epoxy kit is available to repair installation and handling damage.

  • RiceWrap Image and sizes

    RiceWrap Image and sizes