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Duoline® Technologies and Petrosmith announce new partnership to serve the oil and gas marketplace with fiberglass internal lining systems proven to extend the service life of oilfield tubulars. Read more...

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Duoline® Technologies provides a premium internal corrosion resistant
GRE lining system for oilfield steel tubulars.

  • Discover the Duoline® Difference!
    An Ultra-modern Manufacturing Facility
    - Unique, highly-efficient Fiber Glass Reinforcement (FRP) manufacturing
    - Systems supported by advanced process controls.
    - Automated to provide repeatability and precision.
    - ISO9001:2008 certified

    API Connection Products
    Premium Connection Products

    Premium Connection Products
  • Time Tested Technology
    Protecting Oilfield Tubulars From Corrosion
    Since 1964, more than 100 million feet of Duoline® glass reinforced epoxy lined tubing has been successfully installed worldwide. In addition to its state-of-the-art facility, DuolineDuoline® Technologies will continue to operate all current manufacturing and service facilities in Odessa, Texas.

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  • Proven Corrosion Barrier!
    Superior performance and longer service life
    Oil and gas producting wells
    Offshore platforms
    Onshore work-overs
    Water, CO2, Gas or flood Injection Wells
    Salt water disposal systems
    Chemical disposal wells
    Sour Gas service

  • Proof Of Performance!
    Stronger than steel?
    Just look at how Duoline lining systems hold up under the tough conditions!

    This is an actual sample preserved from a system upgrade... TO DUOLINE®!

    Click Here to review the "Proof of Performance" test studies
  • Duoline Capabilities Video
    Watch the video to see how we can help!
    This combination of video and 3D animation explains why DUOLINE fiberglass internal liners are currently being used successfully throughout the world reliably protecting oilfield tubulars in corrosive environments such as saltwater, gas injection, oil production, flow lines, and saltwater disposal wells.

    Visit the video library and click on the DUOLINE Capabilities video to see the proof!

Learn how to beat the high cost of oilfield and gasfield corrosion...
This unique insert liner process secures a corrosion resistant material such as GRE (glass- reinforced-epoxy) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) inside the steel pipe. The benefit? Isolation of corrosive oilfield fluids and gases from the steel.

The cost of replacing failed downhole production tubing or subsea flowlines is extremely high. Duoline® products offer an unsurpassed record for prevention of corrosion in very demanding conditions. Duoline® Technologies offers cost-effective superior performance compared to the less durable option of spray-on coatings.

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